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Sound Therapy with 

Christopher Hepburn, PhD

Meet Christopher

Applied Ethnomusicologist

Dr Christopher Hepburn is an applied ethnomusicologist dedicated to a holistic, person-centered, evidence-informed, and integrative perspective to wellness by engaging with the mind, body, and spirit through sound. ​


He earned his PhD from Texas Tech University specializing in the embodiment of sound within western and East Asian historical contexts. In 2023, he published his first book focusing on the embodiment of sound in the context of premodern Japanese song poems. He has previously held teaching and fellowships positions in history, art, and culture at the University of Southern California among other R1 institutions and university systems. 


He has been invited to present his research on the embodiment of sound at universities, conferences, and workshops across the world including Oxford University (Hertford College), Oxford Brookes (UK), Columbia University, The Ohio State University, Waseda University (Japan), and Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University (Ukraine) among others. 


He has experience working in a variety of educational settings with a variety of different populations, demonstrating an interdisciplinary, versatile, and inclusive approach to human wellness. 

In his free time, Christopher enjoys watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, and practicing the piano. 

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All active, reserve, and veteran members receive a 10% discount on services upon presentation of their

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Wellness through Music History


Mothers Sound Therapy

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A Vision for Soundly Living

Picture a world where music serves as a catalyst for positive change. Applied ethnomusicology, the study of music within its cultural contexts, takes this vision a step further by applying musical knowledge to enhance communities. Sound therapy, a facet of applied ethnomusicology, taps into the wellness-promoting power of music and sound.


Historically, non-western cultures have seamlessly integrated sound and music into the healing process. In the western world, however, the use of sound and music as complementary and alternative medicine is recognized as a growing practice. Applied ethnomusicologists analyze elements like melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, and form to tailor evidence-based interventions for individual needs.  

Sound therapy emerges as a unique interventional approach, using intentional elements like rhythm, pitch, and vibrations to improve various aspects of well-being. It transcends mere enjoyment of music, becoming a tool for social improvement, cultural enrichment, economic advantage, and overall wellness.  


As an alternative yet complementary practice to allopathic and osteopathic medicine, sound therapy differs from music therapy by focusing more on the use of evidence-based frequencies that make up sound to reduce stress and anxiety.

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Evidence-based sound therapy promotes well-being and supports personal progress... let's turn up the volume on that together...

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